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Clickbank and Cashcrate: Proof of Payments

I got two surprises in the mail this week. Clickbank and Cash Crate decided to send me a check. They aren't much, but I'll use them for web hosting, domains, and other related expenses. I don't think I've spent even half an hour working between both sites in the past three months. Despite this, Clickbank still brings in cash.

I had forgotten about both of them due to other things demanding my attention these days. This was just the kick in the arse that I needed. So far I have created one wordpress blog, generated various keyword lists for future projects, gracefully bowed out of freelance writing work, and sincerely plan to make internet marketing my sole income before the year's end. I also have a few E-reports planned. Many have asked, so I think I might create a few reports detailing how I manage to get Clickbank and Cash Crate checks completely EFFORTLESSLY.

All work and no play makes me a very depressed person, so I'm definitely planning to do some things that I enjoy. For example, a novel writing contest is held every November. I usually watch in awe as writers make their dream of becoming a published fiction author a reality. Not this year! I'm gonna be right in the thick of things! It'll probably be challenging to complete that goal between work and studies, but I guess that's why they it call it a "Writing Challenge."

Enough chit-chat, here are the scanned proof of payments. Personal info was blotted out:)