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My day thus far

I admittedly got a late start today. I know that sleep-ins aren't conducive to my goal and won't be doing that anymore. I think I needed to recharge my batteries. I was suffering from information overload to the point of a migraine, so things needed to settle down a bit in my head before I could continue. The great thing about this challenge is that I'm learning the ropes right along with my readers. I don't have any hidden secrets to success. You know why? They don't exist! The only secret to success is no secret at all. Desire, belief, and action are the only things you need to start.

Enough psycho-babble. This is what I've done today:

Registered a new domain name
Designed the template for said domain
Wrote almost all of the content for site (This was a boo-boo. I was supposed to be working on my first and second domains, not my third.)
Did some freelance writing

I usually work until 4am, so my day is still young. Plus I've still got to find the time to work on my beloved CashCrate

After reading through some more information, Google Adwords is starting to look good to me. I still have some issues with the program, although it's nothing that can't be remedied with a little more education. Click Here! to check out this neat little ebook I found about Google Adwords.

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