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Is The Ebook Movement Suffering Because of Sub Par Writers?

Some time ago, I received an email from an IM who said they were having trouble breaking into print. The...entire...email...was...written...exactly...like...this...
Can...you...imagine...reading...this...email...? Reading this aloud, I sounded like a low-budget version of Sylvester Stallone. I hope their pitches to editors weren't written like that. If so, it would explain a lot...

That's a mild offense compared to an ebook I read that was written completely omitting commas some periods syntax and basic structure had missssspellings und was ver dffcut to red. I had no idea where one thought ended and another began.

Are your eyes sore yet? That nagging little editor in me wants to lash out at someone!

My concern is this: are these "average Joe" writers having a negative impact on the ebook movement? I read a blog post that said, "most ebooks are crap." I don't know if they were talking about ebook content or ebook writers specifically. Since I'm in the process of finishing my ebook, this concerned me.

The sad truth is this: not every person is a writer. Sounds rather uncomplicated, right? It seems that people who long to communicate their thoughts also long to communicate via the written word. This is understandable, but can be an ugly situation.

You don't have to be the Shakespeare of the Internet. I'm only saying that a little high school English review goes a long way. Being conversational is fine; being grammatically lazy is not fine.

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