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One More Page Before Ebook is Complete

I've gone and done it. Created an ebook, that is. This is my second day of actually writing it, and I have one more page to go until it's complete. Hopefully, I will have the ebook up for sale by Wednesday or Thursday.

I'm not going to market this ebook in the traditional way. At least not until I try my own approach first. There will be no corny 60 page sales letters filled with hype and false promises. I don't know if I'll create a content site surrounding the product, or a simple order page. We shall see...

I don't have the capital to use PPC right now, but I'm considering giving it a try if my free marketing techniques bring a favorable return. The only resource that I really have right now is TIME. But who ever really has enough of that?

Regardless, I've been clocking in 14 to 18 hour days. Did I make every hour count? Not at all. Although I'm happy to say that my blog-browsing has been considerably reduced;)

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's back to work I go...

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