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Battle of the Mind

Yesterday was rather uneventful. I did some freelance writing, researched for a couple of new niche sites. I was feeling so sure of myself earlier in the week. I woke up feeling like I had just lost my last quarter at the casino and my next paycheck isn't due for six months. Make any sense? I don't know what changed. I do know that not trying is NOT an option for me. If I'm going to be debt free and make my goal of $8k in sixty days, I'm going to have to push all doubt aside and let my work absolutely consume me during that time.

The interesting thing is that I was the only one doubting "me." All of my friends and family were wondering what took me so long to finally publicly announce my goal. Talk about snapping me back into reality.

Anyhow, today is another chance for me to take MASSIVE action and that's exactly what I plan to do. A few things on the agenda today:
Finish (and launch, hopefully) my niche website
Create new website template (done)
Freelance writing
Work on Get-Paid-To programs
Look into some more affiliate programs for my niche sites

Wish me luck!

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