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I wanna be a Pro Blogger!!!

What does it take to become a pro blogger? I've asked myself this question since I first discovered the blogging revolution. The answer seems to lie in possessing a combination of marketing savvy, charm, and a bit of writing talent.

Marketing Savvy
Pro bloggers are some of the best marketers around. Check out John Chow's blog and notice how he's not shy when it comes to advertising. He's actually rather ad-heavy, but it works out well for him because his blog has substance. Like Steve Pavlina, John Chow's blog has a certain...

Pro bloggers tend to be charming. It's no secret, really. There has to be something about them that keeps you coming back for more, otherwise there would be no pro bloggers. In order to be "charming," I think you should be passionate about your blog topic. Yes, I realize that keywords and search volume will muddy things a bit. As a GENERAL guideline, follow your heart and the money should follow you (I have numerous blogs that go against this grain of advice).

Writing Talent
Bloggers, in general, should be able to effectively convey their ideas in written form. You don't have to be Socrates or Maya Angelou, although you should have basic language structure mastered. Above all, pro bloggers are engaging. Think of it this way...you're telling people about your breakfast this morning. How interesting is that going to be to the masses? More interesting than I would have ever imagined, apparently, because pro bloggers what about that exact topic regularly. I had cold pizza this morning showered in a flurry of Parmesan cheese. Was I engaging enough? Can I be a pro blogger now? Pleeeeease?

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