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Rosie's Blog and nirvana...of sorts

How many of you read Rosie's blog? Until very recently, I had not. I'll be brutally honest here: celebrity blogs don't interest me in the least. What, the paparazzi doesn't give enough face time? There's something about Rosie, however.

Her blog reads like a mosaic of prose, Hallmark sincerity, and 1st grade writing class. It's a combination that works for her.

Reading through Rosie's blog posts made me think more about the image I want to convey to you guys. I question whether I am providing a superficial overview of myself or if I'm really accomplishing what I originally set out to accomplish. The intent of this blog is within the realm of literary therapy. A journal is much too private at times and leaves me alone with my thoughts. This is absolutely fine for the most part. The problem is that I already KNOW what I think! I want to reach outside the confines of my own limited perception. Am I making any sense?

Yes, the theme of this blog is my journey to a debt-free life. The pursuit of debt-free living is but one aspect of my life. I don't have the time or energy to devote a blog to each mini-me. So, fair warning, from this point on you will read posts describing my thoughts on financial freedom as well as life, love, politics (sparingly), and the world as I experience it.

This should be interesting...

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